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Learn the skills that public speakers can use to get their points across clearly and truly connect with their audiences in order to create real changes

New Book: How To Give A Great Presentation

After the speech has been written, the practice has been done, all that is left is for you to actually present your speech to the audience. It goes without saying that this can be one of life’s biggest challenges!   What You’ll Find Inside: * I WANT TO PRESENT JUST LIKE STEVE JOBS * TOP […]

Video: Persuade An Audience Using 3 Secrets Used By Presenters

  Dr. Jim Anderson investigates how a speaker can persuade an audience to take action.

10 Tips For Little Presentations (Or Presentations To Little People)

So I’m not so sure that that title is clear, but basically what I’m talking about is delivering presentations to young people. I’m talking about elementary school age folks. Like 5-11 years old. Maybe the toughest crowd that you’ll ever have to face!