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New Job, Same Company: What’s An IT Leader To Do?

Changing To A New Job In The Same Company Can Be Difficult Times of change can be difficult for everyone, including IT Leaders. We all know how hard it can be to lose your job – in fact I think that we’ve probably either experienced it or have friends who have gone through it. What […]

IT Leaders Have Two Of These But Do They Use Them?

About a year ago I had a chance to sit down with a member of an IT team that was working for me in order to have a heart-to-heart with him. We’ll call him Tim. Tim was a project manager on one of my teams and so far he had been a steady performer. I’d […]

Dr. Jim Anderson Reveals Secrets Of How To Evaluate A Company

On Wednesday, June 22nd,  2011, Dr. Jim Anderson presented a seminar titled “Evaluating Companies: How To Spot The Lemons!“. The room was filled to standing room only and the evening was filled with both learning and great questions. As technical professionals we like to think of ourselves as being able to take in lots of […]

Dr. Jim Anderson Presents IEEE Job Search Workshop

Dr. Jim Anderson recently presented a workshop entitled “Your Next Job Search: 10 Secrets To Quickly Landing The Job That You Want” to members of the IEEE’s Florida West Coast Section. The room was standing room only for  this one-of-a-kind presentation on how engineers can find the perfect job that best fits their unique set […]