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Create ways for product management insights and lessons to be used to work with the rest of the company in order to beat the competition and make your product even more successful

New Book: What Product Managers Need To Know About World-Class Product Development

As product managers it is our responsibility to create products that our customers will want and that will end up being profitable for our companies. It turns out that this is no easy task. Identifying what a customer really wants and then turning that into a feature that can be delivered to a customer is […]

Product Selection Process Course: The #1 Question

  Wow! I’ve been overwhelmed with the level of interest that the product management community has been showing in the new Product Selection Process (PSP) course. I’ve been getting a lot of questions sent my way and I’ve been doing my best to get answers back to people as quickly as possible. One question that […]

Why Product Mangers Need To Know That Cost Plus Pricing Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Come on, admit it. You like cost plus pricing. It’s a product manger’s best friend. We all know how this story goes, you find yourself in charge of a new product and you spend all of your time working on nailing down what features it is going to have and when it will become available. […]

Fire Sale – What Happened To Cisco's Flip Camera?

Dang it! This was supposed to be a story about a product success, not a product failure. Pure Digital created the low-end highly portable video camera market a few years back and then got bought out for a half a billion U.S. dollars by the networking giant Cisco. Cisco is stuffed with smart, bright product […]