October 22, 2009

Dr. Jim Anderson To Address Verizon Mgmt Team

Dr. Jim Anderson To Address Verizon Mgmt Team

Dr. Jim Anderson To Address Verizon Mgmt Team

Dr. Jim Anderson has been selected to speak to the Verizon management training program as a part of their wrap-up ceremony. Dr. Anderson was originally brought in as part of the annual program’s kick-off activities and the customer was so impressed that they’ve asked him to come back and present the keynote as a part of their closing program.

The Verizon ISOP management program is designed to identify Verizon’s next generation of Information Technology (IT) leaders and provide them with an intensive nine-month business training program that is designed to expand their horizons and identify top talent.

The leaders of the program were looking for a dynamic speaker who could bridge the worlds of IT and business for this class. In February Dr. Anderson was brought in to deliver a keynote address as part of launching the program. Dr. Anderson suggested and the organizers agreed that the kick-off was a perfect time for a team building exercise in order to get this year’s class to work together for the first time. Dr. Anderson’s suggestion worked out wonderfully — strong teams were formed from the start of the program.

Dr. Anderson has said that he plans on using his closing keynote to stress three points that Verizon has identified as being important to them: the power of diversity, the importance of team building, and the need to always be aligning IT with the company’s business goals.

The Verizon ISOP management program closing ceremony will be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2009, in Tampa, Florida.

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