Product Selection Process (PSP) Home Study Course


The Product Selection Process (PSP) home study course has been designed to provide product manager's with the ability to virtually “read their customer's minds” when it comes to determining what types of products and features they really want. This course will take the guesswork out of discovering what your customers are really going to be willing to purchase from your company. Gone will be the days where products are developed based on guesses that were made by a focus group. Now you can be confident that what your development team is working on will fly off the shelves once you deliver it!

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The Product Selection Process home study course consists of 4 separate modules that will be emailed to you. Here’s what’s in each of the modules:

Module 1:

  1. Quick start guide — I realize that I’ve included a lot of stuff in this course. The overview guide shows you how to make use of it all
  2. Video of an overview of an End-To-End product management system — just exactly goes into creating /launching /selling /managing a product?
  3. MP3 of the end-to-end product management system — I realize that you can’t always be in front of your computer so I’ve made it so that you can take the important stuff with you.


Module 2:

  1. Video of Product Selection Process overview — this is a quick 45 minute introduction to the PSP system. It’s fast and you’ll get a good understanding of how it all works
  2. MP3 of Product Selection Process overview — The is the overview in portable format so that you can take it with you
  3. 45-page PSP manual — This is a MONSTER document. I’ve spilled my guts out here — everything that you ever wanted to know about the PSP is detailed here
  4. MP3 with audio of PSP manual —  This is all of the details of the PSP in portable format so that you can take it to the gym, running, or whatever


Module 3:

  1. Videos of 2 PSP Deep Dive webinars — In these two deep dive videos, I go into great detail about how you actually use the PSP system to read your customer’s mind
  2. MP3 of both webinars — Both webinars are provided in portable format
  3. PSP Checklists — PSP is all about doing the right things in the right order. I’ve taken the mystery out of it and I’m providing you with the checklists you need to stay on course

Module 4:

  1. Amazon Book: “Product Manager Product Success: How to keep your product on track and make it become a success” in PDF format — this 60+ book contains the info you need to be a successful product manager with PSP
  2. Report “How To Create Product Requirements That Work” — this special report will show you how to create requirements that will work with your PSP ations
  3. Report “Market Segmentation Secrets” — part of the PSP system is to divide your market up into segments. In this report I’ll show you how to do this correctly.


Oh yeah, when you invest in the PSP course I’m also going to include 2 months of free membership in The Accidental Product Manager Online Club. This is a brand-new offering that I’m going to be setting up and you are going to be getting in on the ground floor. This is a new way for me to provide you with some very specific, and very detailed, tips and tricks on how to become a successful product manager. The folks who come to The Accidental Product Manager blog won’t be able to access what we’ll be talking about. Prepare yourself for some deep dives into how to do pricing the right way, how to get sales to actually sell your product instead of all of the other products that they have, and how to make your customers fall in love with you. I will be revealing all of my product management secrets only on the inside of the AccPM Club!


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