New book – Learn How To Signal In Your Next Negotiation

The art of negotiation depends on your ability to successfully communicate with the other side of the table. An important part of this communication is your ability to signal to the other side what your intentions are. Likewise, they will be signaling to you what they want to accomplish. What You’ll Find Inside: ESCALATION POWER: […]

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New Book – How IT Managers Can Make Innovation Happen

Every company wants to grow and become more successful. There is no magic formula to make this happen, but it is generally agreed that in order for this to happen the company cannot stand still. Instead, they always have to be trying new things and growing. What You’ll Find Inside: HOW IT LEADERS CAN GROW […]

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New book – How To Show What You Mean During A Presentation

All too often public speakers think that all that they have to work with are the words that will tumble out of their mouth during their next presentation. Whereas these words are important, a speech offers you many other ways to connect with your audience by demonstrating what you are talking about. What You’ll Find […]

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New Book – Product Management Secrets

The job of a product manager is made even more difficult by the simple fact that it really does not come with any clear instructions on how to do it correctly. As product managers we are constantly searching for ways to become better. What You’ll Find Inside: 9 WAYS TO TO BECOME AN INFORMATION PRODUCT […]

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New Book: How To Give A Great Presentation

After the speech has been written, the practice has been done, all that is left is for you to actually present your speech to the audience. It goes without saying that this can be one of life’s biggest challenges!   What You’ll Find Inside: * I WANT TO PRESENT JUST LIKE STEVE JOBS * TOP […]

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