College Presentations That Will Set Your Student's Ideas Free!

Dr. Jim Anderson

Dr. Jim Anderson

Hello, I’m Dr. Jim Anderson and your challenge this school year is going to be to create and deliver programs that will cause your students to stop Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming just long enough to learn some critical life skills. Yes, college can be a challenging / fantastic time for a student, but all too quickly they are going to find themselves out in the real world and then what?

It’s my goal to help you prepare your students for what’s coming even if they don’t know that they need the help! I’ve created four different presentations that I believe will not only capture the interest of your students, but will also provide them with exactly the type of information that they are going to need in order to be successful not only in school, but also long after they leave.

Each one of my 4 presentations is loaded with valuable information that your students will be able to start to use immediately. By working together, here’s what we can offer to them:

•    How To Find The Right 1st Job Using LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the new way that employers are connecting with students. I’ll show your students how to set up their LinkedIn account and how to contact the firms that they will want to work for. Click here to watch a video sample of Dr. Jim giving this presentation.

•    10 Secrets For Having A Great Career: Isn’t this what we all want? Just getting a degree isn’t enough. I’ll share what I’ve learned from my 25-year career in a fun way that will show your students what life skills they need to be working on right now to be successful later on. Click here to watch a video sample of Dr. Jim giving this presentation.

•    How Create and Give Fantastic Presentations: In school and in the workplace, PowerPoint has taken over. Giving a good presentation that gets your point across is about more than just having pretty slides. I’ll show your students how to connect with their audience and how to get their ideas accepted.

•    Ethics Are Sooo Boring – Until You’re Going To Jail!: The rash of plagiarism and other academic crimes clearly shows that our students don’t have the ethical decision making skills that they need. I’ll provide them with a simple 5-step process for evaluating and making the right ethical decisions.

I’m a bit different from other university presenters in that I’m willing to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied, then you’ll pay nothing for my presentation.

Click here to download a copy of the brochure that describes the 4 different presentations that I can deliver to your students.

Please take a moment to look over my brochure and if I’ve been able to capture your interest, then feel free to reach out to me at 813.418.6970 or via email at and we can talk about picking a date for me to provide your students with an unforgettable presentation that will set their ideas free…!


– Dr. Jim Anderson