Dr. Jim Delivers A Keynote Speech

Dr. Jim Delivers A Keynote Speech

What’s the cost to your business when you are not able to communicate clearly?

Whether it’s shaping a strategy for an Information Technology (IT)  department, leading a team, negotiating with vendors or just trying to tell your customers why your product is the one that they need, in the end it all comes down to how well you can communicate goals, objectives, positions and benefits.

That’s where Blue Elephant Consulting comes in. Blue Elephant Consulting shows technical professionals and groups how to use their business communication skills to change the world. By using our Clear Blue Knowledge Systems we show them how to become successful communicators and set their ideas free thereby changing the world. We provide consulting, coaching, speaking and training products and services to help in 5 key areas of business communications: public speaking, product management, IT team management, IT department leadership, and negotiating.

We show our customers how to develop communication skills that will cause changes to occur. We start by performing an initial evaluation of what their skill level is, show them where they are and then help them to determine where they want to get to. We then create a custom training plan to improve their communication skills so that they can reach their objective.  In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we package our services in four different ways. We provide keynote and breakout session speeches, one-on-one consulting, group coaching services, and digital skill-development subscription products.

Our solutions incorporate our unique Clear Blue set of tools which take the communication skills that you already have and builds on them in order to transform you into the most powerful communicator that you can be. The Clear Blue family of communication tools includes:

  • Clear Blue Presentation System ™
  • Clear Blue Management System ™
  • Clear Blue Leadership System ™
  • Clear Blue Power Negotiating System ™
  • Clear Blue Product Success System ™

We recognize that every firm and individual is different and so we are willing to work with you to create a customized program that meets your unique communication needs.

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Blue Elephant Consulting can help you develop your communications skills in two different areas: internal (communicating with departments and communicating with teams) and external (communicating with groups, communicating with vendors, and communicating with customers).