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PSP-Buy-ButtonI knew that I had made a huge mistake almost from the start. We had been working on a new product that we were going to be selling to telephone companies. This was going to be a product that revolutionized the market. For the first time ever, telephone companies were going to be able to design new services with just the click of a mouse. Gone were going to be those days of coding millions of line of software in order to create telephone features that sold poorly because they were too late to the market. My product was going to change all of that. However, when it came time to launch my product, I realized that I had gotten it all wrong.

I thought that I had done everything the right way. I had held focus groups with the customers. I had create a great set of product requirements. I had worked closely with the development team in order to ensure that they developed what I needed them to create. However, shortly after the product launched, the results started to come in. Nobody wanted to buy my product. It wasn’t what they needed right now. It was too complicated. The customer’s existing systems wouldn’t work with it. You know the drill.

I had wasted 9 months of my life and a great deal of the company’s money creating a product that nobody was going to buy. There was no way that my product manager career was going to survive this fiasco. I didn’t get fired, but I sure didn’t get another product to launch. I hung around for another few months, but the writing was on the wall — I was done at this company. I eventually moved on, sad but wiser for the experience.

What had gone wrong? I had done everything that a classically trained product manager would do to identify and bring to market a successful product. It had not worked. Clearly the process was broken.

I went back to the drawing table and reviewed what I had done. By doing this I discovered what I had done wrong. Then I went back came up with another product. I changed what I did. I did different things and I did them in a different order. The product that I launched the next time was not a run-away success, but it sure did better than the failure that I had launched before.

I then went back and once again took apart my product selection process. I inspected everything that I had done and I evaluated what results it had produced. The things that didn’t work, that produced no results, got thrown away. The steps that clearly pointed the way towards creating a product that my customer wanted were kept and refined.

Over the last 10 years I’ve repeated this process countless times and now I have what every product manager needs: a Product Selection Process (PSP) that really works!

You don’t have to repeat my mistakes! There is no longer any reason that you have to “guess” at what type of product your customers want you to provide them with. Instead, using by the techniques that are revealed in the PSP course you can now “read” their minds and fully understand what types of problems they’ll be trying to solve — and exactly what kind of product you need to provide them with so that they can be successful. PSP takes all of the guesswork out of providing the right product, at the right time, to the right customer.

As I’ve been working to create the Product Selection Process, I’ve been talking with a lot of different product managers so that I would fully understand just what they needed from a course like this. What really surprised me was that I kept running into the same two objections over and over again. This course was a no-brainer from my point-of-view, how could anyone have an objection?

Objection #1: many people are concerned that once we start selling this course, then the techniques will become less effective once they are widely known. We are addressing this concern by limiting the number of copies that we are going to sell, at least initially. This way you’re not going to discover that the product managers who are selling products that are competing against you have also bought and are using the techniques that are revealed in the PSP. I’ve even created a video that talks about this specific objection. You can take a look at it here:
Objection#2: some people are worried that the course will be “too big” and too hard to understand (or that it will only be for experienced product managers ). I can fully understand this issue — I have packed a ton of information into this course. If you take a look at the list of everything that is in the PSP course, it can be a bit overwhelming. I’m sorry for that, but I wanted to make sure that you got EVERYTHING that you needed in order to be able to successfully pick and design the right product that will meet all of your customer’s needs. Guess what, I’ve got a video that talks in detail about this issue also. You can see it here:

So now comes the big question, just exactly what’s in the Product Selection Process home study course. A lot! I’ve pulled together everything that I think that you’re going to need in order to successfully determine what your customers really want from you. Finally, one course has it all. You could probably sign up for a degree in product management somewhere and bits and pieces of what you’d need would be sprinkled throughout the classes, but I’ve made it simple for you — it’s all here in one place.

The Product Selection Process course is divided up into four separate modules of information. Each module builds on the ones that have come before it. I did it this way so that you’d be able to take in the information in a carefully measured way — I’m not going to back the truck up and dump all of this on you all at once. Nope, instead I’m going to feed it to you in small bites so that you can process what you’ve already learned before the next material shows up in your email inbox. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting when you invest in your copy of PSP:


 Module 1:

  1. Quick start guide — I realize that I’ve included a lot of stuff in this course. The overview guide shows you how to make use of it all
  2. Video of an overview of an End-To-End product management system — just exactly goes into creating /launching /selling /managing a product?
  3. MP3 of the end-to-end product management system — I realize that you can’t always be in front of your computer so I’ve made it so that you can take the important stuff with you.


Module 2:

  1. Video of Product Selection Process overview — this is a quick 45 minute introduction to the PSP system. It’s fast and you’ll get a good understanding of how it all works
  2. MP3 of Product Selection Process overview — The is the overview in portable format so that you can take it with you
  3. 45-page PSP manual — This is a MONSTER document. I’ve spilled my guts out here — everything that you ever wanted to know about the PSP is detailed here
  4. MP3 with audio of PSP manual —  This is all of the details of the PSP in portable format so that you can take it to the gym, running, or whatever


Module 3:

  1. Videos of 2 PSP Deep Dive webinars — In these two deep dive videos, I go into great detail about how you actually use the PSP system to read your customer’s mind
  2. MP3 of both webinars — Both webinars are provided in portable format
  3. PSP Checklists — PSP is all about doing the right things in the right order. I’ve taken the mystery out of it and I’m providing you with the checklists you need to stay on course


Module 4:

  1. Amazon Book: “Product Manager Product Success: How to keep your product on track and make it become a success” in PDF format — this 60+ book contains the info you need to be a successful product manager with PSP
  2. Report “How To Create Product Requirements That Work” — this special report will show you how to create requirements that will work with your PSP process
  3. Report “Market Segmentation Secrets” — part of the PSP system is to divide your market up into segments. In this report I’ll show you how to do this correctly.


Oh yeah, when you invest in the PSP course I’m also going to include 2 months of free membership in The Accidental Product Manager Online Club. This is a brand-new offering that I’m going to be setting up and you are going to be getting in on the ground floor. This is a new way for me to provide you with some very specific, and very detailed, tips and tricks on how to become a successful product manager. The folks who come to The Accidental Product Manager blog won’t be able to access what we’ll be talking about. Prepare yourself for some deep dives into how to do pricing the right way, how to get sales to actually sell your product instead of all of the other products that they have, and how to make your customers fall in love with you. I will be revealing all of my product management secrets only on the inside of the AccPM Club!

That’s it! Remember, this product is being brought to you by Dr. Jim Anderson. You’ve been reading my material over at The Accidental Product Manager for the past 4 years. You know that you’re going to get great stuff in this course. However, I know that I’m always nervous if somebody asks me to make an investment in myself if I don’t think that there is an emergency exit somewhere. Good news — there is! Every one of the 350 copies of the PSP that I’m going to offer to the market comes with the same no-hassle money-back guarantee: if for whatever reason you are not 1,000% happy with the PSP after you receive it, you have 30 days from when you make your purchase to contact me and I’ll provide you with a 100% refund — no questions asked. I’m that confident that you’re going to get an incredible value out of this course.

So how much does all of this cost? Eventually I’m going to be selling this course for $1,000 — there’s that much value in it. I fully expect it to fly off the shelves at that price.

However, since you’ve subscribed to my mailing list and you’ve been reading my stuff for awhile, I want to make a special offer to you. I’m going to slash my prices so that I can put this incredible product management tool into your hands as quickly as possible. To do that, I’m going to slash almost 80% of the price off for a limited time and I’m going to offer you the Product Selection Process (PSP) home study course for only: US$197.

What’s even better is that because the payment process is being handled by PayPal, you can select to use their Bill Me Later® service and instead of having to pay the full amount today, you can control how much you pay over time. This is an automatic option that will be presented to you during the checkout process.

Ok, that’s it! I’ve told you everything that there is to know about the Product Selection Process (PSP) course. You know that this is the type of information that you need in order to become a better product manager. This means that the next step is in your hands. Make the investment in both yourself and in your product manager career — get the course. Click on the link below and you’ll quickly and easily secure your own personal copy of the PSP and you’ll be on your way to discovering how to read your customer’s minds…!


P.S.: Oh yeah, there’s one more thing. I’ve got one more very, very special report that I’m going to be sharing with you after I’ve sent you the entire PSP course. It’s taken me a very long time to write this report, but I’ve collected all of the fears, challenges, and frustrations of my thousands of readers and I’ve created answers for how to solve the most common issues. Your biggest problem is probably somewhere in this report. I’ll send it to you and you can start to use it like a big “cheat sheet” when you run into product manager challenges in your job! I don’t offer this report for sale — nobody could ever hope to pay me enough for it. However, I’m going to give you a free copy just for signing up for the PSP!



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