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At the heart of why any company exists are its products and services. Although literally 100’s of books have been written on how to sell products and how to provide customer support once you’ve sold them, very little attention has been paid to just exactly how products are taken from the idea to successful product stage. That’s where Dr. Jim Anderson comes in.

Dr. Anderson focuses on helping companies and marketing teams in two specific areas. The first is working with them to clearly communicate within the company what the goals are for a particular product — both new and existing. Not every product is going to be the next iPhone, but it may still be a good product to develop and sell. Using his over 25 years of marketing experience and lessons learned, Dr. Anderson helps marketing teams to answer this critical question.

Once a product’s goals are understood, Dr. Anderson works with the firm to create a plan for them to achieve that goal with the product. Ultimately this always comes down to creating a detailed communications framework. This framework must include all internal departments and impacted parties as well as external partners such as customers and suppliers.

Dr. Anderson is well versed in business communication issues as they relate to managing and marketing products and can speak on a number of topics, including:

  • How to use social media to boost sales of your product
  • Why products fail and what we can learn when they do
  • Making the MBA decision: do marketing professionals really need to go back to school?
  • Managing the customer decision process:  minimizing the number of choices they have to make
  • Creating and maintaining customer loyalty: what to do and what NOT to do
  • Measuring and dealing with the risk associated with developing a new product
  • Setting a product’s prices: how much is too much and how much is too little?
  • Why finding ways to work well with other departments is the only way that a a product can be successful

Dr. Jim Anderson can show you how to turn a struggling product into a market leader and how to react when a competitor makes a surprise move. Download his one-pager for more ideas. Please contact us with a specific request.

Media contact: Dr. Jim Anderson, 813-418-6970,, or blog