Creative Complexity: How To Communicate Complex Information

Technical Presentation SkillsHow To Communicate Complex Information So That Your Audience Understands & Remembers It

All too often technical presenters are instructed to “dumb down” their presentations so that their audiences will be able to understand what they are saying. The results of these presentations are more often than not even worse than if they hadn’t been downgraded: the presented material is now confusing to everyone and none of the important information “sticks” with the audience. What if there was a way to communicate complex technical information in a such a manner that the audience would be able to follow along with the presentation and long afterwards they would still be able to clearly recall the key points? Good news, that’s exactly what this session can provide you with.

Time is precious resource that none of us have enough of. Learning to create a presentation that not only communicates the important information, but which also does it in a way that achieves your goal of passing information on to others is a great way to make the best use of both your and your audience’s time. In this session you will learn how to use tools such as PowerPoint to enhance your message, not take away from it.

This program from Blue Elephant Consulting provides your IT staff with the methods and procedures that they need in order to effectively create and deliver technical presentations. The Blue Elephant Team will work with your teams to cover the basics such as clearly identifying presentation goals before starting any other work. We’ll discuss future audiences and their probable adult learning styles. After attending this training seminar, your IT team will understand how to present their technical information in a way that allows the audience to retain and process it. We’ll also cover the tips and techniques that they will need in order to individually customize their presentations to accent their personal strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

The combination of presentation tools and immediate feedback presented in this program will provide your IT staff with a life changing experience that will allow them to improve their technical presentation skills virtually overnight.

Course highlights include:

  • Presentation Organization: Getting off to a good start
  • Adult Material: Understanding How Adults Learn
  • Technical Material: How Technical Should You Get?
  • How To Help Your Audience Remember What You’ve Presented
  • Tricks Of The Trade: How To Not Lose Your Audience While Presenting
  • Wrapping It Up: Ensure Long Term Retention Of Your Message

This presentation is available in multiple formats that can be customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes) or interactive group dialog (60 minutes).

Contact Blue Elephant Consulting today for a free consultation call in order to find out how our public speaking training can help make your IT department more effective.