Smooth Running: Negotiating Techniques For Use Inside Your Business

Speech: Smooth Running: Negotiating Techniques For Use Inside Your Business IT teams are no longer an island within your firm. As the business and the IT sides of the house come closer and closer together out of competitive and economic necessity, your IT team needs to know how to successfully negotiate internal deals. If they don’t have this skill, they will either be seen as uncooperative or as pushovers.

You have a great team of technical professionals, but their interpersonal skills have never been so critical to your success. How can you expect them to have the negotiating skills that they need to have now? They are already negotiating every single day. How’s it going? If squabbles between departments are starting to occur, if different staff members have stopped talking to other departments, and if other managers have started dropping by your office to talk about personnel issues, then you’ve got a problem. If you ignore this problem, then it will only get worse. Tackling it head on and doing something about it now will both solve the problem before it gets out of hand and will make the company run more smoothly.

This unique program from Blue Elephant Consulting has been designed with your IT team’s special needs in mind. This is not a warmed over general sales negotiation seminar that will have no lasting impact on your team. Instead, it drives right to the heart of the problem: your IT team doesn’t know how to communicate with the rest of the firm. We’ll tackle that problem first and then we move on to dealing with specific everyday negotiating situations that your team finds itself in. We approach this from an IT worker’s viewpoint, analyze the problem using their vocabulary, and then teach negotiating techniques that make sense to them.

The combination of insights and tools presented in this program will equip your IT team with the practical skills that they will need in order to create win-win-win results that everyone can live with.

Course highlights include:

  • Can’t We All Just Get Along: Why Internal Deals Are So Hard
  • Designing A Good Negotiation: Start With the Requirements
  • Inputs, Outputs, and User Interfaces
  • People Problems: Debugging In Real Time
  • The Art Of Active Listening
  • GOTO The End: Win-Win-Win Solutions

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