Business Negotiation Skills Development

Dr. Anderson Provides Training On How To Be A Better Negotiator

Times have changed — firms used to do everything by themselves and so we never really though too much about negotiating. Things just seemed to get done as departments “came to an agreement” generally after Senior Management “had a talk”. It goes without saying that those days are now long gone. The need to know how to negotiate and to be able to do it well is a critical skill that everyone needs.


Dr. Jim Anderson has spent over 20 years negotiating everything from larger scale outsourcing contracts with international staffing firms to accommodations for department celebrations with hotels. He realizes that unless you are a lawyer or a Mergers & Acquisitions banker, you probably don’t think of yourself as an everyday negotiator.

Blue Elephant Consulting uses our unique negotiating evaluation tools to show technical professionals, technical departments, and professional associations located in the United States how to evaluate their current negotiating skills, determine what needs to be improved, and then provides proprietary speaking , consulting, group  conference call coaching, and digital training products and services to help implement these changes.

In today’s work environment you can find yourself in negotiations with a vendor, another department, or even a state or local government official very quickly. Unless you know what to do (and what not to do!), you can feel overwhelmed. You’ll develop these skills in the following programs:

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