Secrets Of IT Sales Negotiation: Winning Customers For Life

Speech: Secrets Of IT Sales Negotiation: Winning Customers For LifeIn order to be successful at selling IT products, every salesperson has to become a master negotiator. The products that we sell are beautiful, sophisticated tools that do extraordinary things. However, how many times have your negotiations with customers gotten dragged down to a slugfest over price?

Selling is an art, and selling IT products is a special form of this art. More so than for any other products, IT product selling requires excellent negotiating skills.

Your customers continue to become more sophisticated about what they both want and need. The products that you are selling are becoming loaded with more features that even you can keep track of. By the way, it seems like IT budgets are the first ones to get slashed each year once other parts of the company start missing their targets. How can anyone be expected to sell in this type of environment?

It’s never easy to be in sales and that’s more true today than perhaps at any other time in recent memory. However, customers still need the products that we have to offer. Your challenge is to sell your products at the best price in such a way as to not just close this deal, but land a customer for life.

This program from Blue Elephant Consulting will equip you and your sales team with the opportunity to develop and practice IT Product selling negotiation skills. We’ll start by making sure that everyone knows how to find out what the different goals are for both groups. We’ll teach the importance of listening and observing in order to make progress (IT sales teams find this especially eye-opening). We’ll also cover the different roles and how your sales teams can work individually or together to ensure that the negotiations keep moving forward successfully.

The combination of insights and tools presented in this program will ensure that your sales teams understand how to successfully negotiate with your customers, why it’s important to them, and how they can ensure that they create win-win-win results that profitable for you and that everyone can live with.

Course highlights include:

  • Why Most Of Your Assumptions About Negotiating Are Wrong
  • Powers That You Have: You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are
  • Buyer Tactics & Their Countermeasures
  • How To Satisfy Your Customer Without Giving In
  • The Art Of Active Listening
  • How To Build A Profitable Deal That Sticks

This material can be presented in multiple formats that can be furtherĀ  customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes), interactive group dialog (60 minutes) or as a full or half day workshop.

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