Discovering The Secret Of How To Align Business And IT

Speech: Discovering The Secret Of How To Align Business And ITHow many times have schedules been missed, products delayed, or customer’s expectations not met because something went wrong with your Information Technology (IT) product development and delivery system?

If only there was a way for the different departments to work together in a seamless fashion that would allow your business to move faster in the marketplace with less friction. Sound like an impossible dream? It’s not.

The key to maximizing the resources and talents that you already have is to find the right way to align them so that they are all working towards a single goal (hopefully this has something to do with making your firm profitable).

Although this is a simple concept, too many firms get lost in the execution — how do you define your goal, how do you measure progress, how do you keep everyone motivated to work together? The good companies are able to get themselves aligned. The great companies are able to keep themselves aligned.

This program from Blue Elephant Consulting starts by showing you how to identify what your goal looks like. There are many possible goals, but just one is right for your firm right now. We then go into how you can establish a simple, custom measurement tool that will allow you to track your progress towards your goal. Finally, the key to success is to get everyone working towards the same goal and we’ll cover what works (and what doesn’t) for each of your departments.

The combination of insights and tools presented in this program will leave your team uniquely positioned to overcome current success barriers, create a work environment that actually works, and achieve true “alignment”.

Course highlights include:

  • Crucial questions that will transform your business.
  • The absolute best business building techniques
  • The missing employee satisfaction ingredient
  • Keys to unlimited goal achievement
  • The most significant enemy of your business
  • Lasting motivation demystified

This material can be presented in multiple formats that can be furtherĀ  customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes), interactive group dialog (60 minutes) or as a full or half day workshop.

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