Transforming Good Employees Into Great Negotiators

Transforming Good Employees Into Great NegotiatorsYour IT staff may be good at what they do, but are they good negotiators? In today’s fast-paced IT environments everything is constantly changing. More and more IT departments are relying on outside vendors and service providers to provide services that used to be taken care of in-house. This means that almost everyday your IT department is establishing new agreements and working out compromises to vendor/supplier issues that will impact how effective your department (and the company) are going forward. Your team is already negotiating even if they don’t know it.

The vendors, suppliers, and even the other internal departments that your team interacts with on a daily basis are becoming more sophisticated about what they both want and need. Their negotiating skills are improving because they have to in order to stay in business. Is it really fair to ask your team to go up against these forces without adequately preparing them for what they have to do?

An IT job has never been easy, and in today’s IT environment it just keeps getting more challenging. In order to ensure that your team is obtaining the best agreements for your firm and to ensure that they don’t become frustrated, burnt out, and leave due to constantly feeling like they have been outclassed by the other side, perhaps its time for them to get some professional negotiating training.

This program from Blue Elephant Consulting will equip you and your IT staff with the opportunity to develop and practice negotiating skills that everyone will start to use on a daily basis. We’ll start by making sure that everyone knows how to find out what the different goals are for both sides of the negotiation. We’ll teach the importance of listening and observing in order to make progress . We’ll also cover the different roles that need to be covered during a negotiation and how your staff can work individually or together to ensure that the negotiations keep moving forward successfully.

The combination of insights and tools presented in this program will ensure that your IT staff understand how to successfully negotiate, why it’s important to them, and how they can ensure that they create win-win-win results that good for the company and that everyone can live with.

Course highlights include:

  • Designing A Good Negotiation: Start With the Requirements
  • Powers That You Have: You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are
  • Inputs, Outputs, and User Interfaces
  • How To Satisfy The Other Side Without Giving In
  • The Art Of Active Listening
  • Win-Win-Win Solutions

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