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What’s the worst thing that can happen to an IT professional? They get promoted to management! All too often skilled IT professionals find themselves plucked from technical jobs where they know what they are doing and are able to deliver great results and find themselves in  a strange new world: the world of managing other IT professionals.

No matter whether we are talking about a new IT manager or one that’s been in the job for awhile, they can all find themselves overwhelmed as they try to apply their superb technical skills to a job that is not a technical job — it’s a communications job. The president of Blue Elephant Consulting, Dr. Jim Anderson believes that he knows the answer to this problem. Firms have to take the time to empower their IT managers with the management skills that they need in order to get the most out of their teams.

Although many people like to think of management as something that should come naturally to anyone who has spent time “in the trenches”, it doesn’t really work out that way. Management requires a specialized form of communication and like all other communications it’s something that needs to be learned.

Today’s IT managers face challenges that have never existed in the workplace before. From teams that are spread all over the globe to working in flattened organizations where everyone is expected to take on jobs that they may have never done before, the job of being a manager has become more complicated. Add to this the simple fact that most IT managers were never trained to take on this job and most companies don’t have an effective new manager, let alone a new IT manager, training program and you’ve got a recipe for disaster on your hands.

Dr. Anderson has developed a set of IT management training modules that can transform your IT managers into an effective leaders. What makes Dr. Anderson’s approach different from generic management training programs is that he recognizes the IT skill sets that your employees already have. The Blue Elephant approach to boosting an IT manager’s effectiveness takes the skills that they already have and builds on them to provide your workers with the management skills that are needed in order to motivate and lead an IT team so that they deliver projects on time and under budget.

Dr. Anderson is well versed in IT management issues as they relate to aligning a team’s accomplishments with the company’s overall business goals, including:

  • How IT managers can prepare for a crisis before it happens.
  • Fixing problem employees using feedback.
  • Playing the role of coach so that an IT manager can show their team how to win.
  • 4 things that an IT manager should never do during a performance review
  • Keeping the best employees is a full time job — how should IT managers do it?
  • Understanding what makes a good team
  • Determining what signals an IT manager is sending when they give a presentation
  • When should an IT manager use a team, and when should they not?
  • Why do IT managers overestimate how good of a manager they are?
  • Why goals are the secret to managing an IT manager’s time.
  • Why 168 is not enough for an IT manager (the secret of effective time management)
  • How to spot the warning signs of poor delegation

Dr. Jim Anderson can show you how to transform the role of an IT manager into a critical part of your company’s success. Download his one-pager for more ideas. Please contact us with a specific request.

Media contact: Dr. Jim Anderson, 813-418-6970,, or blog