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“In business, as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” — Chester L. Karrass

In today’s fast-moving business environment with flattened organizations, more and more workers are being asked to conduct negotiations even though they have little or no training in how to do so. The result is that firms are finding themselves saddled with agreements that cost too much, deliver too little, and lock them into non-competitive situations for far too long.

The president of Blue Elephant Consulting, Dr. Jim Anderson believes that he knows the answer to this problem. Firms have to take the time to empower both their front-line workers and senior executives with the negotiating skills that they need in order to get the most out of each negotiating situation. Although many people like to think of negotiating as a “black art” that can only be learned by sales people who are willing to spend years studying complicated techniques, it turns out that it’s actually much simpler. Negotiating is a specialized form of communication and like all other communications it can be learned by anyone.

Today’s workers negotiate everyday. No matter if it is with vendors or internal departments, negotiation is part of every work day. In order to understand how to communicate effectively during a negotiation, your staff need to learn how to prepare for and how to participate in a negotiation. Taking the time to master these specialized communication techniques will enable them to walk away from their next negotiation knowing that they were able to obtain the best deal possible for your firm.

Dr. Anderson has developed a set of negotiation training modules that can transform each one of your employees into an effective negotiator. What makes Dr. Anderson’s approach different from generic negotiation training programs is that he recognizes the skill sets that your employees already have. The Blue Elephant approach to boosting a worker’s negotiating effectiveness takes the skills that they already have and builds on them to provide your workers with the business negotiating skills that are needed in order to design and implement the deals that will make your company more competitive.

Dr. Anderson is well versed in negotiation issues as they relate to aligning the company’s overall business goals with the deal that is being negotiated, including:

  • What facts should Negotiators know about time?
  • How can negotiators get the other side of the table to see things their way?
  • What do negotiators need to know about dealing with deadlines?
  • Speed kills – why patience is the most important skill that a negotiator needs to have
  • How long should a negotiation take in order to reach a deal?
  • 3 secrets to picking the right time to conduct a negotiation
  • What sales negotiators can learn from a football strike (maybe)
  • How negotiators can learn to be good decision makers under pressure
  • Why negotiating over the phone is so dangerous
  • Is it possible to negotiate with a friend?
  • How to use a good bargain to close a deal
  • How a negotiator can use the power of “what if” to reach better deals faster

Dr. Jim Anderson can show you how to transform the role of a negotiator into a critical part of your company’s success. Download his one-pager for more ideas. Please contact us with a specific request.

Media contact: Dr. Jim Anderson, 813-418-6970,, or blog