Product Launch Secrets Revealed!

$TOMP Know Stage

$TOMP Know Stage

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Right Way To Launch A Product!

In the world of product management, we all know that if you want your product to be a success, then you need to make sure that you start out the right way. The problem that we product managers face is that there is always so much to do when somebody has come up with an idea for a new product that we can never be certain that we haven’t skipped a step.

Where is the right place to start? Should we determine how much the new product is going to cost? Should we survey our customers to find out what features they want? Should we design a clever eye-catching logo for the product? Arrgh!
I’ve been a product manager for more than 10 very different products. I can tell you that I’ve started each of these products in a different place – sometimes I talked with customers, sometimes I sat down and wrote product collateral, sometimes I spent my time trying to figure out what the competition was already doing.

The end result of doing all of these things is that sometimes my products were failures and sometimes they succeeded. However, I never felt that what I was doing as a product manager was helping. In fact, sometime I thought that what I was doing might be holding my product back from being as successful as it could be. I had never been trained on this product manager stuff so how was I to know what the right thing to do was?

That’s when I met Bob.

Bob was my boss when I worked at Siemens and he had been in charge of products since probably before I was born. Bob had spent time in sales, support, and marketing. He knew his customers and he knew what they wanted. When I went to work for Bob he really opened my eyes to just exactly what a product manager’s real job was: to boost sales and to make the product more profitable.

When Bob handed me a new product to manage, he asked what I was going to do first. I told him that I’d probably do some online research and then I’d talk to customers and then I’d create some collateral. I can still remember him looking at me and asking me “How is any of that going to help us sell more of this product?” The answer was that it wasn’t. I really didn’t have an answer to Bob’s question.

That’s when I did what just might be the smartest thing that I’ve ever done in my career: I asked Bob what I should do. He then told me. When he explained it to me, suddenly it all made sense. The product management system that he laid out to me started out at the right place – determining if the customer even wanted a product like this and quickly led to equipping the sales teams to go out and sell a lot of the product. For the first time in my career I now knew what I had to do and when I had to do it.

What Bob shared with me is what has gone into creating the $TOMP system of product management. It’s a streamlined approach to managing products with only one goal: boosting sales of your product. Nothing else matters.

The first stage in the $TOMP system is the Know stage. This is where everything starts. If you don’t get your product off to a good start by taking care of the things that need to be done first. How can you ever hope to generate the sales that you’ll need in order for your product to be a success?

There are four steps to the Know stage that all lead up to a fifth step where you use the information that you’ve collected to create what’s called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your product. Everything that you do during a stage in the $TOMP system is used by later stages – nothing is wasted or done “just because”.

The output of the Know stage, the Unique Selling Proposition, is a concise description of just exactly why your company is going to create this product, who it’s going to sell it to, and why they’ll be willing to buy it. Trust me on this, you are going to get asked these questions for the rest of the life of your product and making sure that you have the right answer will be a big help.

I had Bob to tell me what to do when launching a product; however, you don’t. Because Bob was willing to share his knowledge with me, I feel as though I must pass what he taught me on. That’s why I created this product in which I share all of my secrets about what a product manager needs to do in order to have a successful product launch.

If I had my way, I’d share this information with every product manager in the world. However, there is just no way for me to do that. Right now I’m only planning on offering this product for a short time. I’m going to be delivering in-person training on how to launch products and I’ll have to take it down when that starts. Based on the overwhelming response to my webinar in which I presented this overview of how to launch a product, I believe that this product is going to quickly sell out.

Here’s the information that I cover in the 60-minute video:

  1. What does it take to be a successful Product Manager?
  2. How to do market segmentation
  3. Segmenting by product job
  4. Determining market needs
  5. How to size the market for your product
  6. Identifying competitive alternatives to your product
  7. How to determine what makes your company / product distinct
  8. How to create a unique selling proposition for your product
  9. Here’s all of the material that you’ll be able to download once you buy the package:

    1. A video copy of the webinar
    2. An MP3 copy of the webinar just in case you wanted to listen when you can’t watch
    3. My report “How To Create Product Requirements That Work”
    4. My report “Market Segmentation Secrets”
    5. The 45-page booklet “An Overview Of The Know Stage Of The $TOMP System”

    If you want to know how to launch your product correctly and to set your product up to generate big sales and lots of profits, then this is the product that you need. Now is the time for you to click on the link below and purchase it. I’m going to be sharing all of my secrets, but you have to be there if you want to learn then and then start to use them in order to make your product be even more successful.

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