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The average CIOs only holds on their job for 2.5 years. That’s crazy! Considering how long it takes to shape and develop a talented IT professional in order to prepare them to lead one of a  21st Century company’s most important functions, Information Technology (IT), pushing a CIO out after such a short time clearly shows that something is dreadfully wrong here.

The president of Blue Elephant Consulting, Dr. Jim Anderson believes that he knows the answer to this problem. It turns out that today’s CIOs aren’t lacking in technical skills. In fact, many of them have a solid grasp of many different IT technologies. However, what they are missing is the leadership and communication skills that they need in order maximize the management position that they now find themselves in. The problem is that most of today’s CIOs simply haven’t received the training that they need in order be successful. Dr. Anderson believes that every CIO should be giving a chance to enable the company to be successful, and he’s going to show them how to do it.

The role of a CIO within a modern firm has dramatically changed over the past few years. IT used to be treated as an island that the rest of the company didn’t understand and really didn’t want to have anything to do with. Times have changed and now most firms have become data-driven organizations. IT is too important to be tucked away in a corner. This means that IT now has to be integrated into everything that a company does and the CIO needs to have a seat at the company’s strategic planning table. However, CIOs who don’t have the business and communication skills to interact with the rest of the firm will find themselves and their departments being marginalized and ignored.

Dr. Anderson has developed a set of CIO training modules that can transform CIOs from wallflowers into vital components of a company’s success. What makes Dr. Anderson’s approach different from generic management training programs is that he recognizes the skill sets that a CIO already has. The Blue Elephant approach to boosting a CIO’s effectiveness takes the skills that a CIO already has and builds on them to provide the business insights and communication skills that a modern CIO needs to have.

Dr. Anderson is well versed in IT department leadership issues as they relate to aligning the IT department with the company’s overall business goals and can speak on a number of topics, including:

  • What role do CIOs play in positioning the company to use analytics to compete with?
  • What are the 3 things that really motivate IT workers?
  • How can CIOs get the IT department to take on more responsibility for the company’s success?
  • What signals do CIOs send out when they give a presentation?
  • 7 things that CIOs should be doing to prepare for the arrival of cloud computing
  • How can a CIO tell if they are a good manager?
  • What role did CIOs play in the global financial crash and what should we have learned from this?
  • How can CIOs add value to their company?
  • Secrets to how CIOs can get along with CFOs
  • 3 questions that every new CIO needs to ask
  • How can CIOs help a company “go green”?
  • How a CIO can use a management power map to become more effective

Dr. Jim Anderson can show you how to transform the role of CIO into a critical part of a company’s success. Download his one-pager for more ideas. Please contact us with a specific request.

Media contact: Dr. Jim Anderson, 813-418-6970,, or blog