Secrets To Winning Reverse Auctions

You can win a reverse auction -- if you know the secrets!

You can win a reverse auction — if you know the secrets!

More and more companies are turning to reverse auction bidding in order to select the vendors that they want to do business with. A quick survey of the Internet shows that more and more reverse auction sites are popping up everyday. Are you going to be ready when your best and biggest customer comes to you and tells you that that deal that you thought that you had locked up is now going to be awarded based on a reverse auction?

Looks like you had better become a “reverse auction expert” very quickly. Good news — Dr. Jim Anderson, the editor of “The Accidental Negotiator”, has just created exactly what you need. His new video training program, Reverse Auctions: Secrets To Winning, is packed with the up-to-date information that you need in order to do well the next time that you find yourself participating in a reverse auction.

This video will show you how a reverse auction works, why a company would choose to use a reverse auction, how to do reverse auction bidding, and how to win the next reverse auction that you participate in. Dr. Jim Anderson will show you what questions you need to answer before the auction begins, how to prepare for the auction, and what strategies you can use to have the best chance of winning the reverse auction.

The training is divided into three critical parts:

• Questions To Answer Before The Auction
• How To Prepare For The Auction
• Your Auction Strategy

By watching this video you’ll understand how a reverse auction works and how you can prepare to win it. Most importantly, Dr. Anderson will show you the most common mistakes that bidders make when they are participating in a reverse auction and what steps you can take to avoid making the same mistakes.

Here’s a sample of what this training video looks like:

By purchasing access to my “Reverse Auctions: Secrets To Winning” video you’ll get my best training on how to master the art of participating in reverse auctions. I’ve also included my background and strategy guide that you can print out. You’ll get all of this for one low price.

Get it. Watch it. Win your next reverse auction!

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