Technical Presentation Skills For IT Staff: Banish Boring, Invite Innovation

Technical Presentation Skills

The ability to present information to a group is a key skill of any IT worker. So why do we have such a hard time doing it well? How many presentations have you sat though that at the end, you couldn’t have told anyone what you were just told?

Time is precious resource that none of us have enough of. Having an IT staff that is able to quickly and efficiently present information that everyone can use does amazing things for both individual and department productivity. Things as small as learning not to use PowerPoint slides as an outline for your presentation can dramatically improve the impact of technical presentations.

This program from Blue Elephant Consulting provides IT staff with the real-world tools that they can start to use immediately. We deal with the big issues (how to organize your presentation for maximum impact and retention) as well as the small ones (just what are you supposed to do with your hands while you are talking?. The Blue Elephant Team will help you to work with members of your organization and provide them with the presentation skills that they need. After attending this training seminar, your IT team will understand how adults learn and will be able to “see” how they present material. These two pieces of information will be used to help your team individually customize their presentations to accent their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

The combination of presentation tools and immediate feedback presented in this program will provide your IT staff with a life changing experience that will allow them to improve their presentation skills overnight.

Course highlights include:

  • Presentation Organization: Getting off to a good start
  • Adult Material: Understanding How Adults Learn
  • The Good/Bad/Ugly: Using Slides With Your Presentation
  • Lights, Camera, Action: What To Do While On Stage
  • Tricks Of The Trade: How To Not Lose Your Audience
  • Wrapping It Up: Making sure that your message gets across

This presentation is available in multiple formats that can be customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes) or interactive group dialog (60 minutes).

Contact Blue Elephant Consulting today for a free consultation call in order to find out how our public speaking training can help make your IT department more effective.