Preparing For Your Next Negotiation – Win It Before It Starts


Note: Slides from this presentation can be viewed online by clicking here.


Did you know that the outcome of your next negotiation may already be determined before you even sit down at the negotiating table? How you prepare to negotiate plays a huge role in determining the results that you’ll get out of your next negotiation. The problem is that very few negotiators know how to go about getting ready to negotiate.


We all know that the more information that you have before a negotiation starts, the better the deal that you can reach will be. However, exactly what types of information should you have? Where does this information come from and how can you get your hands on it? Even more importantly, once you have it, what do you need to do with it in order to be prepared to get what you want out of your next negotiation?


This program from Blue Elephant Consulting will equip you and your team with the skills and experience that you need to successfully prepare for your next negotiation. We’ll start by making sure that everyone knows how to find out what the different goals are for both groups. We’ll teach how to identify what information you are going to want to gather and then we’ll talk about how you can go about getting this information. We’ll also cover what steps you can take before the negotiations start in order to boost your odds of getting what you want out of the negotiations.


The combination of insights and tools presented in this program will ensure that your team understands how to prepare for their next negotiation in a way that will ensure that they will be able to achieve the goals that they set for themselves..

Course highlights include:

  • Determining your negotiating style
  • Creating a negotiation game plan
  • How to build a deal book
  • Understanding the role that emotions will play in the negotiations
  • Creating goals for the negotiation

This material can be presented in multiple formats that can be further customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes), interactive group dialog (60 minutes) or as a full or half day workshop.

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