Negotiating With IT Vendors: Getting To Win-Win-Win

Speech: Negotiating With IT Vendors: Getting To Win-Win-WinYour IT team has become much larger in the past few years: now we all rely on other vendors to supply us with the tools that we need to be successful and, in some cases, do part of the work that we used to do. How these relationships are set up, and the feelings and emotions that come out while we are establishing them, can set the stage for your department / firm to either succeed or fail.

You can go to any bookstore and get a thick book that promises to teach you everything that you need to know about software or services contracts, outsourcing deals, or partnership agreements. They can do a better job of that than we can. However, it’s really HOW you reach an agreement with that vendor that will be the key to your long term success. Are the negotiations long and drawn out? Do you feel that they are trying to unfairly get you to pay too much or deliver too little? Has your staff ever done this before — are they looking forward to the negotiations or are they busy squabbling over who has to go first?

This program from Blue Elephant Consulting will equip you and your team with the skills and experience that you need to negotiate with vendors successfully. We’ll start by making sure that everyone knows how to find out what the different goals are for both groups. We’ll teach the importance of listening and observing in order to make progress (IT teams find this especially eye-opening). We’ll also cover the different roles and how your team can work together to ensure that the negotiations keep moving forward successfully.

The combination of insights and tools presented in this program will ensure that your team understands how to negotiate with your vendors, why it’s important to them, and how they can ensure that they create win-win-win results that everyone can live with.

Course highlights include:

  • IT Vendor Negotiation Is Not The Art Of War
  • Roles & Responsibilities: You Want Me To Do What?
  • Preparing For Negotiations: Plan, Plan, Plan
  • Strategy: Objectives, Goals, and Staying On Course
  • The Art Of Active Listening
  • It’s Not Over Until The Close: Win-Win-Win Solutions

This material can be presented in multiple formats that can be furtherĀ  customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes), interactive group dialog (60 minutes) or as a full or half day workshop.

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