Public Speaking Skills Development

Dr. Jim Delivers A Breakout SessionDr. Jim Anderson believes that great business and technical skills are no substitute for poor presentation skills. All too often some of a company’s best innovations and problem solving skills are locked up within its Information Technology (IT) department’s staff.

They struggle to communicate their ideas using overloaded PowerPoint slides, rambling speeches, and confusing jargon. No matter if it’s the entry level programmer or the CIO, poor communication skills mean that their talent & ideas will remain untapped and the IT department will be that much less effective.

What if there was someone who could speak their language? What if there was someone who could help them build on the technical skills that they already have and teach them how to reach out to both technical and non-technical audiences in order to capture their minds and imaginations?

Dr. Jim Anderson shares the knowledge that he has gained while working with individual speakers and audiences for over 20 years when he works with Blue Elephant Consulting customers. His refreshing sense of humor, deep technical knowledge about how we communicate, and his superb communication skills allow our customers to quickly see results as their ability to express themselves clearly and concisely rapidly improves.

Blue Elephant Consulting uses our unique public speaking  evaluation tools to show technical professionals, technical departments, and professional associations located in the United States how to evaluate their public speaking skills, determine what needs to be improved, and then provides proprietary speaking , consulting, group  conference call coaching, and digital training products and services to help implement these changes.

Contact Blue Elephant Consulting today for a free consultation call in order to find out how our public speaking training can help make your IT department more effective.

Speaking Workshops

Available Speeches:

All of these presentations are available in multiple formats that can be customized to meet your event’s needs: keynote (30/45/60 minutes), breakout session (30/45/60 minutes) or interactive group dialog (60 minutes).

Free Speaking Resources:

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