November 15, 2009

Dr. Jim Anderson To Speak At The University Of South Florida

Dr. Jim Anderson Will Be Speaking To USF Graduating MIS Seniors

Dr. Jim Anderson Will Be Speaking To USF Graduating MIS Seniors

Dr. Jim Anderson has been asked to deliver a keynote speech to a graduating class of MIS Seniors at the University of South Florida.

The University of South Florida was founded in 1956 as the first public university established specifically to address the needs of Florida’s rapidly emerging urban regions. USF serves more than 39,000 students and offers 228 degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, specialist and doctoral levels.

Dr. Anderson has been asked to deliver his keynote address titled “10 Secrets To Having A Successful Career In IT“. He has delivered this speech over 20 times in different settings to audiences of different sizes.

When asked what he would be doing differently this time, Dr. Anderson stated “The down economy has made all students who are looking at graduating very nervous, MIS students are no exception. During my keynote I’m going to reassure them that they have chosen the right career field — IT is a dynamic and growing area that desperately needs bright young minds. I’m also going to share with them the steps that they can take from their first day on the job in order to make sure that they will have a long and satisfying career.

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Dr. Anderson is available to provide this type of focused motivational speech to any university audience. The speech is always customized to meet the specific needs of each unique group.

If you are interested in finding out more about how your students can become energized about a technical career, get in contact with Blue Elephant Consulting in order to find out how a speech or training program could be customized to meet your unique needs.