November 9, 2009

IT Leaders’ Secret Techniques For Motivating Staff

4 Secrets IT Leaders Can Use To Motivate Their Staff

4 Secrets IT Leaders Can Use To Motivate Their Staff

All humans, including those in in your IT department / on your IT team, respond to four basic drives. Given this understanding, we are now faced with the really big question: how does an IT leader use this knowledge to motivate his/her staff? It turns out that there are actually a number of possible levers that you can pull…

The Drive To Acquire

The Drive To Acquire Is Handled By How You Handle Rewards. This is, of course, a classic staff driving lever. How well your IT department sorts out the good performers from the poor ones, how it matches the rewards that it hands out to performance delivered, and how easily it permits talented staff to advance in the organization determines how well you are meeting your employee’s drive to acquire.

The Drive To Bond

The Drive To Bond Is Handled By Your Department’s Culture. Put simply, this comes down to how much camaraderie exists within the department. Does your staff work well together? Is there openness, teamwork, and genuine friendship amont the people who work for you?

The Drive To Comprehend

The Drive To Comprehend Is Handled By How You Design Jobs. Are the IT jobs in your department both meaningful, interesting, while at the the same time challenging? These are all critical to meeting the needs of this drive.

The Drive To Defend

The Drive To Defend Is Handled By Your Performance Review Process. If the annual performance review process is seen as being fair and trustworthy by all, and if resources are allocated in a transparent way then this will meet your staff’s drive to defend.

What This Means For You

The key take-away for you regarding all of this drive stuff, is that in survey after survey, IT employees reported that when there was even a small enhancement to their ability to fulfill any one of these four drives, then their overall motivation shot up. However, (this is also a key point) all four drives have to be met – missing even one can significantly dampen an employee’s motivation.

Finally, employees have said that the statements and actions that their immediate IT managers make are just as important to their overall productivity as all of the company’s policies and rules. Now that’s food for IT leaders to spend some time thinking about…!

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