December 6, 2009

Dr. Jim Anderson Awarded For Verizon Presentations

Dr. Jim Anderson Receives Verizon Award For Leadership Presentations

Dr. Jim Anderson Receives Verizon Award For Leadership Presentations

Verizon has presented Dr. Jim Anderson with their 2009 ISOP leadership award. Dr. Anderson participated in the Verizon leadership program over the  course of the year acting as an adviser and providing leadership on how to make the program more effective.

The Verizon ISOP program is designed to provide high-potential Verizon IT employees with a year-long opportunity to learn more about how the company operates and to provide them with hands-on opportunities to engage in real-world business problem solving.

Dr. Anderson focused on teaching the management trainees how to form effective team and the steps that they needed to take in order to advance their own careers. This guidance involved coaching the program leaders, delivering keynotes, and creating and delivering team activities.

Upon receiving the award Dr. Anderson said “I’m honored to have received this award. Working with the ISOP class this year has been a source of personal joy as I’ve been able to watch this group start out as strangers and turn into a highly effective IT team.”

Verizon has already requested that Dr. Anderson participate in helping to organize the 2010 ISOP program.

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