July 27, 2012

Dr. Jim Anderson Expands College Speaking Programs

Dr. Jim Anderson Delivers University Speechs On Choosing Careers, Making Presentations, and Ethics

Dr. Jim Anderson Delivers University Speeches On Choosing Careers, Making Presentations, and Ethics

Dr. Jim Anderson has just announced that he has expanded the number of speeches that are available for him to deliver to university and college audiences. In the past, Dr. Anderson has visited universities to deliver his speeches on how college students can use LinkedIn to find their first job, how to ensure that you have a successful career after you find that first job, and how to deliver powerful and effective presentations in the workplace.

Starting with the 2012 -2013 school year, Dr. Anderson has now added one more speech to his line-up: “Ethics is sooo boring… until you are going to jail!” Today’s students come from a diverse background and it can be argued that no two students view ethical issues in the same way. During their time at the university, there will be issues regarding cheating on tests, plagiarism, etc. As students graduate and move out into the “real world”, the ethical issues that they will be facing will only become larger — and the consequences of making the wrong decision will also become more severe.

In Dr. Anderson’s new speech for college students on how to make ethical decisions, he presents a 5-step process for identifying ethical issues and making the right decision. The speech is a fun, high energy affair that transform what can be a dry subject into an enjoyable two-way discussion of how to deal with some of life’s biggest challenges.

For more information on Dr. Anderson’s college speaking programs, visit here to get the details and download his informative brochure.