January 9, 2011

Dr. Jim Anderson Selected For Verizon Workshop

Dr. Jim Anderson Will Keynote At The 2011 Verizon ISOP Kickoff

Dr. Jim Anderson Will Keynote At The 2011 Verizon ISOP Kickoff

Dr. Jim Anderson has been selected by Verizon staff to deliver his powerful IT manager motivational program. The Verizon Information Systems Orientation Program (ISOP) is designed to provide high-potential IT staff who have been identified as having management potential a start to the next phase in their IT careers.

Dr. Anderson’s long involvement in the ISOP program has made him uniquely suited to providing the keynote address at the kickoff of this 9-month management training program. Not only will Dr. Anderson be delivering his signature keynote address, but he will also be facilitating a team building exercise for all of the management trainees.

The purpose of this hands-on exercise is to demonstrate to the class members the unique challenges that come with organizing an IT department into teams. Yes, there are many benefits to using IT teams; however, IT managers need to learn to spot issues so that they can quickly deal with them. This exercise will be the first step in teaching them how to do this.

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