December 4, 2010

Dr. Jim Anderson Is A "Technical" Hit In Denver!

Dr. Jim Anderson Delivers A Workshop On How To Give Effective Technical Presentations

Dr. Jim Anderson Delivers A Workshop On How To Give Effective Technical Presentations

On Friday, December 3rd 2010, Dr. Jim Anderson presented his Clear Blue Technical Presentation System(tm) during a workshop in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, Dr. Anderson gave the keynote for the Colorado / Wyoming Institute of Transportation Engineer’s (ITE) December meeting.

The Clear Blue Technical Presentation System is a framework developed by Dr. Anderson that allows technical professionals to create and deliver technical presentations that can be understood by mixed audiences and which will cause people to take action based on that material.

Dr. Anderson delivered a two hour workshop on the Clear Blue Technical Presentation System to a group of transportation engineers. During the presentation, the 7  stages of the TPS system were discussed and Dr. Anderson showed how they could be used to move from planning a technical presentation all the way through actually effectively delivering it.

A special web site has been set up for all attendees of the workshop in order to provide them with access to Clear Blue Technical Presentation System materials, workshop slides, and other reference materials.

After the workshop, Dr. Anderson was the keynote speaker for the ITE’s December meeting. His presentation, “Banish Boring: How To Make Your Next Technical Presentation Interesting & Effective” showed the attendees how to incorporate storytelling skills into their next technical presentation in order to boost audience understanding and retention.

In closing his keynote address, Dr. Anderson urged the members of the audience to take the time to create technical presentations that clearly communicated their main ideas to their audience in a way that they can understand. It’s only by doing this that we have a chance to change the world every time we make a presentation.

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