Dr. Jim Anderson Is A "Technical" Hit In Denver!

On Friday, December 3rd 2010, Dr. Jim Anderson presented his Clear Blue Technical Presentation System(tm) during a workshop in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, Dr. Anderson gave the keynote for the Colorado / Wyoming Institute of Transportation Engineer’s (ITE) December meeting.

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How Product Managers Can Get Better At Creating Powerpoint Slides

Yeah, yeah I know that everyone says that they hate Powerpoint – “death by Powerpoint” and all of that. However, the reality of modern Product Manger life is that we end up using Powerpoint to communicate a lot of information about our products and the current status of our projects. […]

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Just How Does One Create A Keynote Presentation?

Contact Blue Elephant Consulting today for a free consultation call in order to find out how our coaching services can help to make you or your team better at speaking in public. Tis the season for college graduations and I was recently asked to deliver a keynote speech as part […]

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