February 22, 2010

Dr. Jim Anderson Hosts Engineering Banquet

Dr. Jim Anderson Hosts The 2010 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet

Dr. Jim Anderson Hosts The 2010 Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet

On Friday night, February 19th, 2010, Dr. Jim Anderson served as the Master of Ceremonies for an Engineer’s Week Banquet in Tampa, Florida. Over 400 local engineers and guests attended this event making it the largest professional engineering event held in the area.

The Tampa Bay Engineering Week Banquet started promptly at 7:00 pm and Dr. Anderson made sure that it wrapped up by 9:15 pm. Prior to the evening of the banquet, Dr. Anderson had worked closely with the event organizers to develop a “playbook” that clearly laid out what would be happening when. In any sort of awards program like this, having a clearly worded schedule that everyone who is involved can follow along with helps to keep things on track.

As with all such events, there were changes that had to be accommodated at the last minute. This year there were additional award winners to be accommodated and a raffle that had been spread out throughout the show had to be completed early to accommodate some guests who had to leave early.

Dr. Anderson was please with how the banquet turned out: all of the awards were presented with the due amount of dignity, the guests were kept entertained during the banquet, and the whole event wrapped up on time. Who could ask for more?