June 24, 2011

Dr. Jim Anderson Reveals Secrets Of How To Evaluate A Company

Dr. Jim Anderson Shows How Financial Statements Reveal Company Secrets

Dr. Jim Anderson Shows How Financial Statements Reveal Company Secrets

On Wednesday, June 22nd,  2011, Dr. Jim Anderson presented a seminar titled “Evaluating Companies: How To Spot The Lemons!“. The room was filled to standing room only and the evening was filled with both learning and great questions.

As technical professionals we like to think of ourselves as being able to take in lots of data, process it and then reach the right decision. However, when it comes to both our careers and working with other companies, we’ve never been trained how to do this and that’s why so many of us end up working for or with companies that turn out to be not-so-good. Something’s got to change!

During this meeting, the audience of technical professionals was shown how to make smart decisions about the companies that they are working with. Using the techniques that Warren Buffet uses to size up companies, they were shown how to determine the current status of a company. Are they getting ready for another round of layoffs? Are they having the best year ever? Will they still be in business a year from now? The audience was shown how to get the answers to these questions before anyone else does.

Dr. Anderson showed how the three sets of financial statements that are required to be filed by every publicly traded company can be used to determine the company’s current health. He went on to show the audience how different numbers that are contained in every financial statement can be combined in order to determine if a given company has a Long Term Competitive Advantage — will they go on to greatness, or will they always be just struggling to survive?

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