November 12, 2010

Dr. Jim Anderson Presents At 2nd Annual ProductCamp NYC

Dr. Jim Anderson Presented At ProductCamp NYC

Dr. Jim Anderson Presented At ProductCamp NYC

An “open source” product manager conference, ProductCamp, was held for the second time in New York City on Saturday, November 6th, 2010. Dr. Jim Anderson attended this event for the second time and once again presented.

At ProductCamps speakers can propose topics that they are willing to speak on. On the day of the event, people in attendance are given the opportunity to vote on which sessions they want to see presented.

Dr. Anderson had proposed three separate topics that he would be willing to speak on at this conference. Wouldn’t you know it, all three topics were selected by the attendees!

Here are the three sessions that Dr. Anderson presented:

10 Product Manager Success Secrets

So you’re a product manager — what comes next? You’ve made it this far, but do you know what it takes to reach the next level? In fact, just exactly what is the next level?

In this group discussion Dr. Anderson will share what his 25 years of experience have shown him are the 10 things that every product manager needs to do in order to move on up in their career. Sure, you probably know some of them, but do you know (or are you doing) all of them?

How The Butterfly Effect Changes Everything For Product Managers

Nobody likes to change and product managers are no different in this from everybody else. However, big changes are coming our way. Let’s face facts: product managers today are “product pushers”. We create a product and then go out and try to get people to buy it.

That’s not going to cut it in the future. Instead, our customers are going to demand that we take a different approach. This means the the job of a product manager is going to dramatically change.

Join me and we’ll talk about what’s coming and how you can prepare for it…

What “Jersey Shore” Can Teach Product Managers

Come on, admit it — you watch it, we all do. As embarrassing as it is to admit this, the show’s almost magnetic appeal is based on some solid marketing. Now if only you could discover how you could use the same techniques to make your product as popular!

Join me for a discussion of how you can use what Pauly D, Ronnie, J-Woww , and of course Snooki already know to make you a more successful product manager…!