February 24, 2011

Dr. Jim Anderson Presents IEEE Job Search Workshop

Dr. Jim Anderson Presents A Job Search Workshop To IEEE Members

Dr. Jim Anderson Presents A Job Search Workshop To IEEE Members

Dr. Jim Anderson recently presented a workshop entitled “Your Next Job Search: 10 Secrets To Quickly Landing The Job That You Want” to members of the IEEE’s Florida West Coast Section. The room was standing room only for  this one-of-a-kind presentation on how engineers can find the perfect job that best fits their unique set of technical skills.

Dr. Anderson started out the presentation by asking a question: let’s pretend that you are looking for your next, better job. Maybe your last job went away, maybe you just want a better job — it doesn’t matter, you need to find your next job. We’re all living in the 21st Century and the rules & the tools for finding a job have changed. Are you going to know how to go hunting?

He went on to point out that a lot of the old ways of finding a job, like looking in the newspaper, don’t work any more. Some of the new ways, like the Internet, can be confusing and can end up wasting a lot of your time. What’s an engineer to do?

During his presentation, Dr. Anderson shared with the audience the 10 proven secrets that every engineer needs to know in order to find their dream engineering job. He cut through the fluff and got right to the good stuff — the who, what, when and where that you have to do today to find that job that you’ve always been looking for. During his presentation he covered how to correctly use the LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook social networking tools as a powerful part of any job search.

A video of this presentation was recorded and will soon be made available for purchase by anyone who wasn’t able to attend.

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